Following on from last winter’s debut of The Human Factor, Powder Magazine and Black Diamond have once again produced an in depth look into the realm of human decision making in avalanche terrain. The first time around The Human Factor consisted of a series of short films looking into a specific avalanche events, what caused them and the fallout from each. This year Powder Mag and BD have produced a similar amount of content but within just one digital feature containing film, narrative, images and text.


Education is a key piece, but it’s just a small piece of the overall picture.” Referencing Jeremy Jones and what Pritchett sees as Jones’ solid risk-management strategy, he says, “We want it to be cool to take care of each other, to engage with each other to keep each other alive, to plan for hazards and to avoid them. We want courage to be defined not by ignoring uncertainty, but by building systems that allow you to achieve your goals through hard work and planning and effort and good communication. Not ‘I’m cool because I can say fuck it.  – Ben Pritchett in The Human Factor 2.0.


Everything I wrote last time around about this concept still applies, except perhaps this time the experience is even richer as everything flows within one document, so to speak. It’s pretty powerful stuff and will strike a chord with anyone who enjoys spending time in the mountains in winter, whatever their chosen activity. It demands to be read by anyone serious about avalanches.

Powder Magazine have been churning out some pretty awesome stuff recently. Their ‘Digital Features’ are second to none. Check out the recent account of travelling through the Swiss Alps on the Glacier Express. Yea it’s a story that has been written before, especially within freeride ski media, but doesn’t it look gorgeous? It was created using an app called Storyform which packs a whole load of coding into a simple website app. Storyform enables both images and video to be fused into one article with magazine-like scrolling. Very cool. It’s the kind of thing that big brands and media will be using a lot more in the coming months and years. Click on the image below to check it out.




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