Get Ronhill noticed amongst global sportswear giants.

Define Ronhill as a challenger brand then tell an amazing inspirational story.

Outsider thinking

The international sportswear market has some big players, it was not possible to outspend them. So how do Ronhill the brand get noticed?
Joe Public approached the project as a classic Challenger Brand.

We unearthed and helped to celebrate a totally authentic and enviable truth about the brand’s inspirational founder; challenging the giant corporate competition with truth and personality.

Ronhill has a world beating, charismatic founder with a clear and passionate philosophy about running. Using this we are differentiating
the brand from the global giants and giving consumers a chance to connect and believe in something.

Running is Ron’s life. And he has a simple resolution, which is expressed in fifty years of single-minded dedication. #RunEveryDay has been launched to trade and consumer – the results of the social campaign are below.


“Recommendations are the always the best way to meet people and find products and services that have good, honest reputations. Well I was recommended speaking to the small, yet perfectly formed, team at Joe Public and they really got what we wanted to achieve and where we needed assistance.

Through a lot of discussion, research and thinking these much better than average Joe’s came up with a well-considered creative campaign and brand platform for our future growth. So here’s my recommendation to you….give them a go, have a chat over a frothy coffee and let them inspire you.”

Oliver Carter – Ronhill & Hilly Marketing Manager

Campaign results

The campaign reached more than 3.2 million people. Generated in excess of 600,000 engagements – almost 10,000% more than forecast.

24% of those engaged signed up to the #RunEveryDay challenge
Over 652,000 video views.

Fantastic return on the client’s investment: CPVV = £0.02 and CPWC = £0.20.

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