Here are some behind the scenes shots from our recent shoot in Iceland. The country is a great place for photography, providing spectacular landscapes, ice, volcanos, glaciers, hidden waterfalls, and great and unusual urban settings. A big four wheel drive supertruck is pretty much essential to get to the best spots – as is a guide. (Well, if you are a shoot crew with a lot of gear and work to get through the truck is essential, otherwise walking through the landscape would be the best way to explore).

The long, long daylight through the Summer months means lots of shooting potential, but unfortunately not a lot of sleeping potential. We found most people we met to be very friendly and accommodating – and getting access to locations was a bit simpler than the usual delays and chin-rubbing which can be present in the UK.

We stayed in the popular and populated South West area of the Country, where a lot of the main tourism hotspots are. The region is very beautiful, but we were glad to get off the beaten track a little into the interior of the island.

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