Named after the tiny and beautiful one lift wonder village in the Swiss Alps, Maloja have been quietly building momentum over the past few years. With roots in Germany, Maloja manage to blend both function and lifestyle aesthetics into a range of garments that are aimed at the modern multi sport activist who wants a brand to cover a multitude of activities.

Maloja name each season’s range after a place or theme that’s related to the brand in the some way. This season they have named the range MountTen, as a celebration of their 10 years in existence. At any one time they have multiple themes running through the brand based around things or places that are pertinent to them. 

Maloja LavinasM Maloja AlbulaM

The key to Maloja’s success lies in the fact that they have a range of products that are aimed at the multi sport user. In the past that might have led me to describe them as lacking focus – not anymore. It seems to me that more and more people are mixing up their mountain sports and the term ‘multi activity’ is more relevant now than ever. Maloja clothing crosses from bike to hike to ski effortlessly – they are brand that are taken seriously by both road bikers and skiers, and that’s not that a common a thing. Many other brands try and spread their appeal across different disciplines of course, but there aren’t many I can think of that have such a young and relatively small range of clothing that covers such a diverse base. What’s more a distinctive lifestyle flavour permeates across all styles. Much of the range has a genuine technical edge but with a lifestyle feel to it. The idea being that whatever you’re doing, you can do it wearing Maloja. 

Maloja Lesom 1Maloja image 2

This blend of technical and lifestyle is also reflected in the brand’s media. Mountain and travel imagery sit side by side and don’t look out of place next to each other. The website looks great –  ‘Tumblr’ fonts throughout, a multitude of different logos and plenty of ‘outdoor culture’ imagery and inspiration. In fact, at first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking that Maloja are just another Poler-esque outdoor fashion brand. Look deeper though and the mountain functionality is there. We aren’t just talking fold over beanies and wearable sleeping bags, but properly designed mountain product just with a sense of style that gives it another dimension. 

Maloja have got the balance between technical and lifestyle just right for today’s market and I reckon they are a brand worth keeping an eye on for the future. As we all continue to engage in numerous different activities and sports like adventure racing and triathlon continue to grow, brands like Maloja will become increasingly popular and significant in the market.


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