We recently travelled to Munich for ISPO. According to their website ISPO is “the only international multi-segment trade show for sports business”. Well, if by ‘multi-segment’ they mean ‘absolutely massive’ then they have a point.

The show is spread over a gerzillion square feet of exhibition space and takes a long time to walk around. This is probably why lots of people choose to longboard, or scooter, or rollerblade. We didn’t see anyone on a segway though. Shame.

The ‘sports business’ part of the blurb is very apt though. The whole place very much feels like a huge amount of actual proper business is conducted, on a global scale. The place was packed and felt industrious for each of the days we were there. Perhaps the best way to deal with triple dip recession rumours is simply to crack on?

Anyway, here are a few quick phone shots to give you an impression of the place.

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