Exhibition stands. Nothing strikes fear into a studio like large format printing. The tiniest of errors could literally be blown up in your face. Add a tight deadline into the job and it could be headless chicken time.

But then, if you have a team with many, many years of experience, and a production pipeline with more checks in it than a cold war border – you should be alright, and your exhibition stand will come out crisp, beautiful and get the attention of everyone passing by.


So we’re quietly chuffed with Rohan’s exhibition stand at the recent Times Destinations show at Earls Court. Lots of things in marketing may have changed over the years, but a simple, intriguing, standout creative thought will still do the trick.


  1. Comment by Richard

    Richard Reply February 15, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    Great to see the work, working in real life. People stopping and checking out the shots from Morocco, queuing to play ‘guess the weight of the hand luggage’, picking up brochures and buying gear. Sticking to one clear message and keeping it simple really worked on the design.

  2. Comment by Becky

    Becky Reply February 17, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    The stand at Destinations looked great – who knew shell schemes could be this fabulous?! Better still was the impact of the single proposition of ‘travel the world with just your hand luggage’ which enables us to talk to potential customers, engage with existing customers and be easily understood by the rest of the travel trade. The large format graphics were like being encased in 48 sheet posters of brilliant brand photography & the quality of them no mean feat!! We were already talking about the next show before we had packed this one up! Thanks are due entirely to the fantastic team at Joe Public and their vast wealth of experience and calm efficiency. Thank you all very much.

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