Everest, Meru and Metanoia

You’re probably aware that there is a film that’s set to be released this year based on the events described so (in)famously by author John Krakauer in his book ‘Into Thin Air’. It would be far too obvious for me to sit here and bang on about how awful the trailer looks and how it […]

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Patagonia Target Dirty Denim

In another chapter in the company’s long history of introducing environmentally sound practices to the industry, Patagonia recently launched their new range of jeans that are produced in a more sustainable way than conventional demin legwear. Denim, they say, is ‘dirty business’ and a justifiable target on which to focus their attention. Patagonia claim that […]

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Living In The Moment And The Search For Freedom

It’s easy to forget that, unlike many other popular sports, the idea of adventure for adventure’s sake is pretty new. Up to the early part of the last century, adventure as we know it was for reserved for the very few and/or very rich. It’s only since the end of World War II that a […]

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Community Through Content | Salomon Freeski TV

If ever there was an example of a brand who are prepared to try new things in our industry it would be Salomon. Never ones to shy away from a new concept or technology, they are always pushing things forward and innovating – this season’s new S Lab X-Alp Carbon GTX Boot being a case […]

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The Overview Effect

Overview is a film I first became aware of a couple of years ago and it’s something I keep coming back to again and again. It follows on rather nicely from another video I posted on The Path Less Trodden a while back. Overview is based on a term called the Overview Effect – a […]

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