Bragging rights

Bragging rights don’t come as easily around here as they used to. On arriving to work on Monday with tales of bravery and suffering after completing my first Scoot MTB Marathon I was a tad crest fallen to hear about young Luke’s weekend. 65k on a mountain bike at your own pace in Wales doesn’t […]

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Five Photo Shoot Alternatives To Chamonix

Chamonix is a justifiably popular destination for a photo shoot. Iconic mountains combined with ease of access and the huge variety that the valley offers is an incredible combination. However, you could be forgiven for thinking that Chamonix is the only place in Europe where you can capture great images, when in fact there are […]

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Three wet days in Wales

The Great Outdoors can of course be far from great if you’re on a tight production schedule. The best conditions for photography can’t simply be ordered from the heavens, it’s about working with what you have. Also, if you’re shooting waterproof gear for Mountain Equipment, it would seem pretty inappropriate to slink off and find […]

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Shropshire shoot feat

An early and cold start

At the end of last year we travelled to a very cold Shropshire with Jonathan Oakes and team to hopefully capture some great landscape and product shots for Rohan. The shots were needed for a 32 page mailer due out in early 2013. An early start to hike up to Caradoc Hill Fort with all […]

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Pre season at Tignes

Last week a couple of us ventured out to Tignes. The trip was a combined shoot and pre season ride with Neil McNair and the good folk at BASI. We were shooting video for the impending launch of the McNair Mountain Shirt. The opening couple of days didn’t have much in the way of snow, but as […]

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Hartington YHA shoot

Despite being still around two months ’til Christmas we recently found ourselves decking the halls, well, hall, for a shoot. Hartington Hall in the Peak District is now a Youth Hostel, which to be honest, is far too nice for just the country’s youth to enjoy. We spent a very productive two days in front […]

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Iceland shoot featured

Rohan Iceland Shoot 2012

Here are some behind the scenes shots from our recent shoot in Iceland. The country is a great place for photography, providing spectacular landscapes, ice, volcanos, glaciers, hidden waterfalls, and great and unusual urban settings. A big four wheel drive supertruck is pretty much essential to get to the best spots – as is a […]

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Jolly Days

Another dawn to dusk shoot day. Trying to capture high summer on a freezing May morning for Rohan. (See the project in the portfolio section) Thanks to Paul Fosbury and crew for combining craft with graft. Thanks to Jolly Days Camping, a boutique hotel mixed with camping.

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Rohan Mallorca Photo Shoot 2012

We needed to achieve three things: Underline Rohan’s mountain credentials which are key to supporting the ‘badge value’ of the brand. Show the new spring/summer urban lifestyle range in a beautiful light. Generate a feeling of collective spirit. The secret Joe Public objective was a three letter word beginning with F. Having fun as a […]

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