Sunshine Superman

Looking for an inspirational film to watch? We heartily recommend you give Sunshine Superman a try. It seems a day doesn’t go by now without me seeing a daredevil wingsuit basejumper hurtling through my Facebook feed in the latest Go-Pro filmed YouTube clip (and I have to admit, I’m a sucker for them). Sunshine Superman […]

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The Human Factor 2.0

Following on from last winter’s debut of The Human Factor, Powder Magazine and Black Diamond have once again produced an in depth look into the realm of human decision making in avalanche terrain. The first time around The Human Factor consisted of a series of short films looking into a specific avalanche events, what caused them […]

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Living In The Moment And The Search For Freedom

It’s easy to forget that, unlike many other popular sports, the idea of adventure for adventure’s sake is pretty new. Up to the early part of the last century, adventure as we know it was for reserved for the very few and/or very rich. It’s only since the end of World War II that a […]

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OIA Conference Windermere

A brilliant and inspiring few days

A brilliant and inspiring few days at the Outdoor Industries Association conference in Windermere. Stand-out passion and dedication from Andrew Denton. Great wake-up call from Frank Hugelmeyer’s ‘intervention’ and really informative talk about Fluorocarbons and social responsibility from Mark Held. A big theme was the increasing relevance of social media. Which makes me wonder if […]

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Mud on mountain bike

Out and about

Four blank walls are not conducive to creativity. Hungry brains need stimulus – and as we work on outdoor brands, the best place to find inspiration is, er, outside. Ok, ok, so it’s not all work. Getting into the Great Outdoors doesn’t really need an excuse. We firmly believe it helps whatever issues you’re having. […]

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ISPO 2013

We recently travelled to Munich for ISPO. According to their website ISPO is “the only international multi-segment trade show for sports business”. Well, if by ‘multi-segment’ they mean ‘absolutely massive’ then they have a point. The show is spread over a gerzillion square feet of exhibition space and takes a long time to walk around. This is […]

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BASI Snowboarding

Recently the snowboarding team from The British Association of Snowsport Instructors came into Joe Public to literally re-write the book on how to teach snowboarding. We were more than happy to lend them some space and our big shiny idea wall to try and work out a consistent system of teaching. Snowboarding at this level […]

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Goodbye Winter

Goodbye winter. We’ll miss you. Both Richard and I enjoy our snowboarding. We managed some days away together in France over the last season, which although being the worst for snow since 1949 was good enough for us to find a little bit of what we were looking for. We even managed a day out […]

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