Community Through Content // Why UK Retailers Need To Look To The US To See How It’s Done

Creating an online community of customers is super important for retailers these days. Being able to build a strong customer following for a reason other than just offering the retail basics of value for money and good customer service is a great way to build brand loyalty. A modern, content rich blog that inspires potential […]

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Gore-Tex Surround Technology – Is It Realistic To Expect Dry Feet?

The Spring 2015 season will see the release of the first new footwear waterproofing technology from Gore in many years. Gore-Tex Surround Technology was developed in conjunction with Italian brand Salewa and has been used in some more lifestyle orientated footwear already. This coming Spring will see a modified version appear for the first time […]

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A Year In The Life Of CO2 On Earth

This film from NASA gives a visual account of how CO2 moved around the Earth’s atmosphere in 2006. Apart from being very beautiful to watch, it manages to show a complex and often politically charged science in stunning simplicity. Check out how the vast majority of CO2 is ‘produced’ in the northern hemisphere and how that […]

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G-Loft – A Sympathetic Synthetic

Now winter is upon us outdoor brands across the globe are lining the rails and filling the shelves with an array of technical-hybrid-futuristic sounding synthetic down solutions from Prima-Loft, TurboDown (Columbia), Thermal.Q.Elite (Mountain Hardwear), Coreloft (Arc’Teryx) and more. New to the market this year is G-Loft, by Swedish outdoor brand Fjallraven. Fjallraven have a strong […]

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Jöttnar – Creating, Producing and Selling a New Brand

Outdoor retail is changing. Or should I say it has changed? It’s been 15 years for me in this industry now and things are very different from how they were when it all started on the shop floor of a well known store in the north of England. The past 5 or 6 years have […]

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Haglofs Ryggsack No.1 – An Exercise In Brand Heritage

As Haglöfs approached their 100 year anniversary they wanted to celebrate with a special product that would best represent the company and its history. As the very first Haglöfs product was a rucksack designed by Wiktor Haglöf himself, it was clear to the current crop of Haglöfs designers that a pack was the way to […]

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Make way for the new generation!

There has been a steady growth of interest in the outdoor market, people of all ages and walks of life are involved in a much more diverse and rich outdoor culture than ever before. One area in particular has been evolving faster than most, it’s seeing an influx of new and exciting independent brands creating product […]

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Destinations exhibition

Exhibition stands. Nothing strikes fear into a studio like large format printing. The tiniest of errors could literally be blown up in your face. Add a tight deadline into the job and it could be headless chicken time. But then, if you have a team with many, many years of experience, and a production pipeline […]

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OIA Conference Windermere

A brilliant and inspiring few days

A brilliant and inspiring few days at the Outdoor Industries Association conference in Windermere. Stand-out passion and dedication from Andrew Denton. Great wake-up call from Frank Hugelmeyer’s ‘intervention’ and really informative talk about Fluorocarbons and social responsibility from Mark Held. A big theme was the increasing relevance of social media. Which makes me wonder if […]

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Looking fromTryfan

The nation’s favourite mountain

What’s not to like about Tryfan? It is easy to access – has lots of interesting ways to get up it – and looks like a big jelly. Perfect. It’s probably Tryfan’s jelly mould aesthetic which recently got it voted as the nation’s favourite peak. (Jelly is, after all, very popular). We decided to climb via […]

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