We help businesses that want to get more people exploring outside.
We use outsider thinking to create transformational brand strategy and standout marketing communications.
We have a twenty year history of turning businesses around.

Outsider thinking

Outsiders see the world differently with objectivity and insight.
They can challenge the status quo and ask difficult questions.
They can see solutions where others can’t.
We’re a full-service branding agency specialising in the outdoor and travel sector.
We help our clients sell gear and experiences which enable the real Joe Public to get out more.

Pictures from outside


Stories from outside

The path less trodden

Bragging rights

Bragging rights don’t come as easily around here as they used to. On arriving to work on Monday with tales of bravery and suffering after completing my first Scoot MTB Marathon I was a tad crest fallen to hear about young Luke’s weekend. 65k on a mountain bike at your own pace in Wales doesn’t […]

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How do you measure success, miles or pounds?

It’s possible that the phrase you’ll hear most in the outdoor industry is ‘I must start getting out more’. Having heard myself say this for years I’m putting miles in front of pounds and making Wednesday a sacred mountain bike day. To ease my conscience I’m riding with people that I work with as well […]

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Sunshine Superman

Looking for an inspirational film to watch? We heartily recommend you give Sunshine Superman a try. It seems a day doesn’t go by now without me seeing a daredevil wingsuit basejumper hurtling through my Facebook feed in the latest Go-Pro filmed YouTube clip (and I have to admit, I’m a sucker for them). Sunshine Superman […]

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